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GT Cockpit EVO XL
  • GT Cockpit EVO XL

    The GT Cockpit EVO XL uses the same design philosophy as the original GT EVO but this time in EXTRA LARGE form factor! By increasing the width of the both the lower and upper baseplates a large range of benefits has been unlocked. As with the original GT EVO the cockpit has been inspired by true GT race car geometrics and design methodology, the EFFECT Simulations GT Cockpit EVO XL utilises Next Generation composite materials to achieve perfect stiffness, form factor, useability & beautiful aesthetic design.




    EVO XL features the following design improvements from the original GT Cockpit:


    • Updated design ensuring even more stiffness to the seat and pedal areas.
    • Infinite adjustability in the seat and pedals base.
    • Increased baseplate width allows the comfortable mounting of sliders for the pedals for increased adjustability between different users.
    • Increased ease of access due to the real-estate around the seating and wheel-base areas.
    • One piece, 21mm thick base design including aluminium end pieces for increased durability.
    • 8 degree steering base featuring antiglare coating & range of compatibility options.
    • LED RGB ambient lighting controlled via remote or Bluetooth (iPhone & Android compatible)
    • Revised fixing/hardware kit.



    Designed & Hand Built in Germany using the latest automotive technologies & materials.