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Next Generation Materials - GT Cockpit

"Outside of the box" thinking was used when designing the GT Cockpit, and this also applies to the materials that make up the product.

Traditional simulator racing cockpits primarily utilise steel & aluminium materials, although functional & robust; these designs are often heavy and aesthetically far from pleasing they also restrict the ability to recreate real race car geometric specifications.

By using composite materials, adopted from the motorsport & aerospace industries; the Effect Simulations GT Cockpit achieves perfect structural performance, creative aesthetics, accurate geometric design & lightweight design.

3D Printed Components

Each piece of carbon fibre tube is connected via a CAD designed & optimised component, printed using the latest technologies using PETG material. CAD optimised junctions allow the cockpit withstand even the highest output wheel bases and stiffest brake pedals. Junctions are printed to a tolerance of 0.02mm giving a 100% accurately modelled product, directly replicated from real GT race car specifications.

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